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Vandaag weer even langs de shop geweest in Am*dam. De enige shop in de wereld waar je zo naar binnen kunt lopen. Alles is daar te krijgen en je helpt het goede doel ermee.
Verdedigen, Beschermen, Behouden…..dat zijn de worden die denk ik ook goed gekozen zijn door ze.
Elk jaar een beetje meer. En dat is ook echt nodig.
Ik heb weer een mooie nieuwe gekocht vandaag.
2014/2015 Missie Operation Icefish…..perfect te volgen op FB
2015-01-03 21.53.09

Speciaal call PD35SSCS is weer in de lucht van 5 december tot en met 1 januari

De missie van Sea Shepherd
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is opgericht in 1977 en is een internationale liefdadigheidsinstelling met als doelstelling de conservatie van al het leven in zee. Onze missie is om de afslachting van het leven in zee en de vernietiging van hun leefomgeving te stoppen om zo ecosystemen en soorten te beschermen en te behouden.
Sea Shepherd gebruikt directe actie op een innovatieve manier om te documenteren en te onderzoeken en waar nodig actie te ondernemen om illegale activiteiten bloot te leggen en de confrontatie aan te gaan op volle zee. Door het wankele evenwicht van de biodiversiteit van onze ecosystemen te waarborgen, werkt Sea Shepherd om het overleven van deze ecosystemen zeker te stellen voor toekomstige generaties.
De call PD35SSCS staat voor de 35 jaar inzet en actie. Voor de laatste keer dit jaar zijn wij actief van 5 december tot en met 1 januari 2013. De kans om de speciale qsl kaart te bemachtigen. Wij zullen op 10, 20 en 40 meter uit komen mits de condities dit natuurlijk toelaten. Qsl kaarten zullen verzonden worden via het DQB te Arnhem
Speciaal voor de mensen in de regio haaglanden en omstreken zal er op 11 december en op 18 december vanaf 19:00 uur uitgekomen worden in de FM band op 144.537,5 Loc JO22DB
Op 24 december zal er een speciale kerst ronden zijn vanaf 21:00 uur op de zelfde frequentie
Wij hopen jullie te spreken.
Rene PD2RKG / Willem PD4W

The mission of Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) was founded in 1977 and is an international charity with the objective of conservation of all marine life. Our mission is to stop the slaughter of marine life and the destruction of their habitat in order to protect and preserve the ecosystems and species.

Sea Shepherd uses direct action in an innovative way to document and investigate and where necessary take action by exposing illegal activities and confront them at open sea to guarantee the fragile balance of the biodiversity of our ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to the survival of these ecosystems to secure them for future generations.

The call PD35SSCS stands for the 35 year commitment and action. For the last time this year, we will be active on the 5th of December 2012 to the 1th of January 2013. The chance to get our special QSL card are subject to the conditions ofcourse. We will be active on the 10, 20 and 40 meter bands .
QSL cards will be sent through the DQB in Arnhem
We hope to hear you on the bands

PD35SSCS newsflash

Vanavond even actief geweest op de 2 meter en 40 meter band. Willem is nog even bezig geweest op 10 meter. Ik heb op 2 en 40 meter weer zo een 107 qso’s in het log gezet. Echt de 40 meter band was weer super open. Verder kan ik melden dat we SSTV, RTTY en PSK in de lucht gaan zettten. Dus kijk op het cluster. Want ook in deze mode gaan we uitkomen met de speciaal call van de Sea Shepherd.  (Andre alvast bedankt voor het digitale)




Vandaag was de eerste dag dat de speciaal call weer in de lucht was. In de avond waren we actief. Vanavond 146 stations in het log. Was weer super om zo bezig te zijn. Hoop iedereen te spreken op de band. Zelfs nog aan het einde van de avond actief geweest op de 2 meter in SSB. Op 144310 Mhz ging het super met de mini beam. We hebben nog wat testjes gedaan en daaruit kwam naar voren dat deze 3 elements LFa voor 2 meter het boven verwachting doet. Een leuke antenne die tekoop is bij Marcus (Hamshop). Marcus ook vanavond nog in het log en gesproken. Super avond met veel leuke qso’s.

PD35SSCS nog 11 dagen en dan zijn we weer 28 dagen on the air

Japan Escalates Attacks Upon Captain Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd

Interpol Issues Second ‘Red Notice’ for Sea Shepherd Founder

Photo: Billy Danger/Sea ShepherdInterpol reports it has issued a second ‘red notice’ to its member nations for Captain Paul Watson, iconic marine conservationist and founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. This notice was issued at Japan’s request and was clearly filed in retribution for Sea Shepherd’s successful interventions against Japanese whaling in an established, internationally designated whale sanctuary.

Captain Watson’s first ‘red notice’ was issued in August at Costa Rica’s request after he was arrested in Frankfurt on May 13 on a 10-year-old warrant from Costa Rica while en route to Cannes, France. He forfeited his bail and departed Germany on approximately July 22 after being held there under house arrest for 70 days, and is now in an undisclosed location. Captain Watson was being detained in Germany for extradition to Costa Rica for a previously alleged “violation of ship traffic,” which reportedly occurred during the 2002 filming of the award-winning documentary, Sharkwater. The so-called “violation” occurred during the course of Captain Watson enforcing the law at the request of the Guatemalan government against illegal shark-finners whom just the year prior had been charged and found guilty of the same crime.

According to Interpol, Captain Watson is being sought for prosecution by Japan on charges of ‘Breaking into the Vessel, Damage to Property, Forcible Obstruction of Business, and Injury’ pertaining to two incidents that occurred in the Antarctic Ocean in February 2010 against a Japanese whaling ship.  However, the extradition ‘red notice’ from Japan is based solely on the testimony of a former Sea Shepherd associate in a plea bargain deal he made to avoid serving prison time in Japan. In essence, Japan, who has been after Captain Watson for years, found a turncoat in the former associate, who swapped his own head for Captain Watson’s.

According to legal counsel for Captain Watson, filing for this ‘red notice’ with Interpol on the heels of Costa Rica’s request absolutely confirms Sea Shepherd’s strong suspicions that, due to Sea Shepherd’s sweeping success in protecting whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, Japan is also behind the Costa Rican warrant to have Captain Watson extradited.

“News of the filing of the requested ‘red notice’ from Japan does not come as a surprise,” said Susan Hartland, Administrative Director of Sea Shepherd. “This is simply indicative of the lengths to which Japan will go to plunder our oceans. We have been expecting this for weeks and our legal counsel is already challenging these retaliatory, politically motivated, bogus charges to get them dismissed,” she added.

Hartland went on: “None of these charges held up in court when Japan’s Institute for Cetacean Research (ICR), a front for the nation’s commercial whaling endeavors, tried to bring suit against Sea Shepherd in the U.S.  In fact, the judge ruled against them in the preliminary injunction in February. The Japanese whalers sliced the Ady Gil vessel in half and almost killed six of our volunteer crew and have never had to answer for any of those actions, yet they dare accuse Sea Shepherd of wrongdoing.”

Sea Shepherd has challenged Japan in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary for eight seasons and is currently preparing to head to Antarctica for a ninth year with a bigger and stronger fleet than ever before, which includes a new vessel. “The Japanese whalers are sorely mistaken if they think another ‘red notice’ is going to stand in the way of Sea Shepherd’s defense of the whales this season,” Hartland said. “It will in no way impact Sea Shepherd’s next Antarctic campaign, Operation Zero Tolerance, whose goal it is to send the whaling fleet home with zero kills.”

PD35SSCS 8 juni

In recent days the band was not really open. But we have yet another pair of stations worked last night. On the day, William and myself just work for our boss, but we do our best to give everyone a chance. In October there is more information about the award. Hope you work quickly and certainly the stations in Japan are welcome. Yesterday evening there were also a few stations from Japan on the band and that we have in the log.

Greetings Rene and William PD2RKG / PD4W


More information can be found at PD35SSCS

We do all this for the conservation of the whale.

Money is welcome, more information on the website and this blog

PD35SSCS nice first day

Today nice qso on the band. Willem PD4W and Rene PD2RKG the operator are working on the 20 and 40 meter. See on this link the stations from this day. Up-date a.s.a.p



Thanks Rene and Willem

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