Ham Radio saves the day

Ham Radio saves the day. Yes, todays technology has advanced to the cell phone, internet and more, but only Ham Radio can save the day when the cell phones and internet are down and many people are without power for communications.

Zo dat was even wat film materiaal uit de oude doos. Best wel even leuk om tegen te komen op het internet.

Groet Rene PD2RKG

ON4EI/EI8GQB did not take part in the CQ WW DX SSB contest

Oliver ON4EI/EI8GQB did not take part in the CQ WW DX SSB contest with EI7T due to a computer crash at the beginning of contest, causing him to lose everything he had prepared for the occasion.
The day after, he also paid 4 hours unexpected visit to emergency at the local Clonmel hospital late at night, thinking he was suffering from a heart attack. But his heart was in good condition. The extreme unease he was feeling was caused by a monoxide
poisoning caused by the caravan heater despite an alarm equipment that did not worked.
It took him 3 days to fully recover, he dismantled the temporary antenna park – which he never really used. He spent 5 days to raise it and 3 days to remove it, for no show …
The only positive souvenir from his 2018 radio activity is this picture and maybe new ideas, as in every crisis there is opportunity !