PB18XMAS / PD18SANTA on the air December 2018


Hello OM’s & YL’s

Me and my friend Roberto (PB5X) where planning to do something special around Chrismas again.

After getting our special callsigns PB18XMAS & PD18SANTA, printing a special QSL card and arranging our QSL manager PD2RKG we are in the air from 2 until 27 December.

The purpose of this X-MAS activity is to bring joy and happiness true our wonderful HAM radio hobby.
So lets join and help us to spread the HAM spirit around the world Ho ho ho…..

The QSL manager “PD2RKG” answer and send QSL card’s via the Dutch QSL Bureau.

We want to wish you a Merry X-mas & a Happy and Healthy 2019

Rene “PD2RKG” Karin, Gaby Bob(o) “PB5X” Natale

“Live The Life You Love”

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor gif xmas

Why Some People Don’t Get It

Not everyone can be a Jeeper though. It takes a special breed.. But it is funny the looks we get from those who don’t understand it. Those who can’t feel it. See, Jeepers don’t do things small.

But a true Jeeper gives and let’s their Jeep be the icon. It’s about the charity, it’s about showing off their Jeep, but the Jeepers know it isn’t about them. They know it is something bigger.

2018-10-15 20.34.49

“The biggest mistake people make in life, is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy”

“Live The Life You Love”

ON4EI/EI8GQB did not take part in the CQ WW DX SSB contest

Oliver ON4EI/EI8GQB did not take part in the CQ WW DX SSB contest with EI7T due to a computer crash at the beginning of contest, causing him to lose everything he had prepared for the occasion.
The day after, he also paid 4 hours unexpected visit to emergency at the local Clonmel hospital late at night, thinking he was suffering from a heart attack. But his heart was in good condition. The extreme unease he was feeling was caused by a monoxide
poisoning caused by the caravan heater despite an alarm equipment that did not worked.
It took him 3 days to fully recover, he dismantled the temporary antenna park – which he never really used. He spent 5 days to raise it and 3 days to remove it, for no show …
The only positive souvenir from his 2018 radio activity is this picture and maybe new ideas, as in every crisis there is opportunity !