PB18XMAS / PD18SANTA on the air December 2018


Hello OM’s & YL’s

Me and my friend Roberto (PB5X) where planning to do something special around Chrismas again.

After getting our special callsigns PB18XMAS & PD18SANTA, printing a special QSL card and arranging our QSL manager PD2RKG we are in the air from 2 until 27 December.

The purpose of this X-MAS activity is to bring joy and happiness true our wonderful HAM radio hobby.
So lets join and help us to spread the HAM spirit around the world Ho ho ho…..

The QSL manager “PD2RKG” answer and send QSL card’s via the Dutch QSL Bureau.

We want to wish you a Merry X-mas & a Happy and Healthy 2019

Rene “PD2RKG” Karin, Gaby Bob(o) “PB5X” Natale

“Live The Life You Love”

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor gif xmas

One thought on “PB18XMAS / PD18SANTA on the air December 2018

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