Sound Equalizer ICOM 7100 7200 7410

Dit via een amateur vernomen in Ukraine. Echt ik denk een perfecte regeling voor tussen de microfoon van de Icom. (Prijs is nog leuker, incl verzendkosten 83 euro)

We designed and built this Microphone Equalizer/Compressor to improve quality of transmitting signal of the ICOM radios.

It is very easy to use this Microphone Equalizer/Compressor. Just connect it to the 8 pin microphone connector of your radio and then connect the standard ICOM microphone to this device and it is ready to work. Then turning the pots on its panel just get an excellent quality of your signal. To use the Compressor pot in DX pile ups.

There is NO battery or power supply necessary to feed this device. This unit takes energy from you radio through the mic connector.

Technical data:

  • Voice 5 band Equalizer 80/250/500/1000/3000 Hz
  • Microphone low noise amplifier with input and output level ajustment
  • Microphone Compressor level pot
  • VFO freq control of the radio by Mic’s knobs
  • Compression level led
  • The size of the unit is 120 mm x 95 mm x 40 mm
  • Weight – 0.375 kg
  • Length of a power cord with 8 pin connector is 40 cm

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