Icom D-star eruit 3 elements beam erin

Vandaag besloten de Icom 880 weg te doen en een 3 elements OP-DES (Opposing Phase – Driven Element System) Yagi te bestellen en te gaan plaatsen.

For the wider of the HF bands many hams opt for the OWA (Optimised Wideband Array) style Yagi to give all-band performance. However, the OWA does not provide the levels of performance lower impedance antennas can albeit the OWA has the prefer split-dipole, 50Ohm feed-point.

The OP-DES has the ends of a split-dipole bent back towards the reflector element. This provides 2 functions. First of all, the current phase in each end section is in opposing phase and therefore cancel one another out, this helps to reduce/remove side lobes. Additionally, these end sections act as impedance controllers, taking this job away from D1 (first director) and thus making the adjustment of the antenna (while in computer optimisation much easier resulting in better levels of performance. As with all of our antennas the OP-DES driven element has adjustable end sections in order that SWR fine-tuning is possible.

All band performance on bands from 40m to 12m is possible with 1MHz coverage on 10m too. When we say all band performance, we do not simply mean the SWR is at an acceptable level, the OP-DES provides excellent levels of gain and F/B throughout each band too. If you are looking for the ultimate in mono-band HF performance, look no further than the OP-DES Yagi !!

Opposing Phase Driven Element System

  • Reduces side lobes and helps provide a much wider band antenna with constant performance characteristics
  • 50Ω Direct Feed – No Matching Loss
    • The OP-DES Yagi has been carefully Computer Optimised with the ‘bent’ Driven element in place to ensure a 50Ω feedpoint. This ensures no matching loss and minimal resistive (Ohmic) loss
  • High F/B ratio
    • as with the LFA and OWL, the OP-DES Yagi has an exceptional Front to Back ratio for a direct-feed, 50Ω Yagi. Get rid of unwanted signals from behind your antenna!
  • Super Wide Bandwidth
    • The broadest bandwidth of all our antennas, the OP-DES is best suited to HF applications where performance and bandwidth is needed in a single package.
  • Constant Impedance & ‘All-Weather’ Stability
    • Following the LFA and OWL, the OP-DES Yagi is able to maintain impedance in wet weather and therefore will not de-tune like other antennas can
  • Class-Leading Direct Feed Yagi Performance
    • For a given boom length, we believe the OP-DES Yagi provides superior all-round performance than any other HF direct feed Yagi.
  • Simple SWR Fine-Tuning Feature
    • No two locations for an antenna are the same. With this in mind the the requirements of the perfectionist as well as the every day user in our sights, the driven element of the OP-DES has adjustable end sections to allow for very simple SWR fine-tuning
  • The Most Important Part of your Receiver has to be The Best
    • Your antenna is a part of your receiver and arguably the most important part of your station. You have spent thousands on radio equipment, make sure you don’t short-change your set-up by choosing anything else other than the InnovAntennas OP-DES Yagi for HF


Gain: 7.46dBi @ 14.150MHz F/B: 13.5dB @ 14.150MHz Peak Gain: 7.52dBi Gain at 20m above Ground: 12.66dBi Peak F/B: 14.2dB Power Rating: 5kw SWR: Below 1.3:1 from 14.000MHz to 14.350MHz

Boom Length: 4.2m Weight: 11.06Kg / 24.38LB Turning Radius: 5.790m / 18.99ft Wind Loading: 0.4 Square Metres / 4.35 Square feet Wind Survival: 146KPH / 91MPH Other options available if higher wind loading/survival is required.


This antenna is made with 7/8 inch (22.23mm) tube tapering to 3/4 inch (19.05mm) tube followed by 5/8 inch (15.88mm) and 1/2 inch (12.7mm) outer elements with the OP-DES end sections 3/8 inch (9.525mm). The antenna has fully insulated elements which will ensure continuous, high performance for many years to come. Boom to mast brackets are included with all antennas which will support 2 inch (50mm) masts.  Boom is 1.5 inch square 16SWG aluminum.

Meer info en shop www.hamshop.nl


2 thoughts on “Icom D-star eruit 3 elements beam erin

  1. Hallo, Rene,

    ik hoorde je vandaag op 7.0077 je had wel geen signaal maar je zat ook met qrp vermogen
    Ik zelf woon in Frankrijk, en het radio was heel erg zacht maar wel te verstaan als al die fluiters
    ergens anders gaan zitten.
    Ik weet niet of u uit Den-Haag komt, maar ik zag u familie wapen en dat is mij niet ombekent,
    jaren geleden kende ik een zekere Jaap van der zwan die toen bij ons in de beurd woonde en een vriend van mijn zus was, vandaar dat ik u even een mailtje stuurde, ook om te melden dat ik u gehoord had,met vr.gr.Herman

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