EI8GQB Olivier is back on the band 18 maart 2018

Olivier ON4EI, is back again in Ireland from 18th to 28th March 2018 to operate EI8GQB. Thanks to the Tipperary radio club, he will use EI7T, the club vanity call, during the CQ WPX SSB contest as the Irish Commission of Regulation does not allow any more individual to use vanity calls for contest. EI1A has not be renewed to him.

Olivier is running contests in Low Power/Single Op SSB category using mainly green energy with his temporary ‘Field Day like’ antenna parksetup.

Inverted L 16m V/24m H monopole for 160 & 80m + 32 radials.

Inverted V dipole for 160-80m-40m bands.

80m long beverage RX antenna East-West directional.

Spiderbeam & Mosley TA33Jr antennas for 20/15/10m bands.

Transceivers: 2 x Elecraft K3 + P3 SO2R 100W.

500Ah battery bank + 180W solar panel and 400W wind generator.

You can follow this one-man expedition on qrz.com ormeet him on the air.

For these dates, please QSL EI7T only via LOTW or EI8GQB via LOTW or QSL MANAGER: PA3249 (direct or bureau).

Olivier ON4EI will be back again

After his success in the CQ WW WPX SSB contest, March 2013, where he was the European winner in the single operator low power category, Olivier ON4EI will be back again to activate EI8GQB and EI1A for the CQ WW DX SSB contest, 20-30th October 2013.
He aims to be in the European top 3. Follow his activity and antenna experimentation on http://www.qrz.com/db/EI8GQBwhere you will find a live information banner with on air frequencies and information.
Also, LIVE video streaming from the caravan on http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ei8gqb.
18m top loaded vertical monopole for 160-80m-40m bands + 32 radials.
3 elements East-West two-direction inverted V beam for 40m band.
200m long beverage RX antenna East-West directional.
2 x Spiderbeam antennas for 20/15/10m bands.
Rigs are Elecraft K3+P3 & Kenwood TS2000 100W.
500Ah battery bank + 180W solar panel and 400W wind generator.
Objective: Have fun, meet friends on the air, participate using green energy only and be amongst the European top 3 in the SOABLP category.
I dare to meet you on the air again.
Thank you and 73.
Olivier (ON4EI)