Interview captain Paul Watson Sea Shepherd on Al Jazeera TV

Australia’s Tony Burke says ”there simply won’t be a whale left in the oceans”. Neither will there be any dolphins, seals, sharks, Blue Fin Tuna and anything else that has too higher price tag on it’s body, fur and fins.

‘Scientific whaling’ is an absolute sham. As Captain Watson said ”there hasn’t been a single peer reviewed scientific paper in 25 years”. It’s outrageous COMMERCIAL WHALING…plain and simple.

All whales have been decimated in the last 200 years or so, but especially in the last 100 years. It makes my blood boil when I read descriptions of bays and estuaries so filled with whales, that they were a hazard to early mariners.

A tragic loss to all of humanity, future generations and Mother Earth. But where are they now? Recklessly slaughtered in their millions for abject greed. What are the consequences for the ecosystems in which they lived, including the biosphere?

The Japanese whalers and dolphin slayers of Taiji, are putting the Japanese nation on the wrong side of history. Such a shame because Japanese culture for centuries through Zen Buddhism, was so connected with nature, with an absolute reverence.

Thank you Captain Watson/Sea Shepherd for your relentless perseverance to protect the oceans and their voiceless inhabitants from the minority of humans intoxicated with greed.

Thank you also to Aljazeera English for once again covering another vital ecological challenge. It’s just as well you are.

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