Pamela Anderson spoke to the press about why she supports Sea Shepherd

Pamela Anderson Launches Sea Shepherd’s Operation Zero Tolerance Aboard the SSS Brigitte Bardot
Anderson, the “U.S. Brigitte Bardot,” Dons a Wetsuit and Arrives via Jet Ski to Meet the Press
Actress and animal advocate Pamela Anderson visited the SSS (Sea Shepherd Ship) Brigitte Bardot in Marina del Rey, Calif. Friday to launch Operation Zero Tolerance, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s ninth campaign to defend at-risk whales in Antarctica.
The actress, whom some have likened to French actress Brigitte Bardot due to both actress’ stunning beauty and passion for animals, donned a Sea Shepherd wetsuit, rode a jet ski and hugged an activist dressed as a shark, to help launch Operation Zero Tolerance and welcome the SSS Brigitte Bardot vessel on its maiden visit to the mainland U.S. She was met by a large contingent of photographers and media who listened to her speak about why she supports Sea Shepherd’s mission to defend marine wildlife on the high seas.

“I love Sea Shepherd,” said Anderson. “Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson and his organization are doing great work,” she said. “We have to do everything we can to protect biodiversity in our oceans. As Paul says, ‘If the oceans die, we die.'”

In speaking about the legal controversy that has surrounded Captain Watson recently, the actress said: “Paul has been treated unfairly by stupid poachers. But nothing is going to stop Sea Shepherd — ever,” she concluded.