SM 35 klaar voor de ronde op 29.200 FM

Klaar voor de ronde vandaag op 29.200
Elke maandag een surplus ronde
Netleiders PA7AM en PA3GSY


Nog een update uit de mailbox:
Hi Rene !
Tnx for the nice qso yesterday ev and for the mail
very nice indeed to meet u guys down there and fantastic to here ur
nice SEM 35 signals u where up to 40dBs over 9 sometimes
very good sporadic E conditiones ….has looked on ur site very nice….hope to join u in the “surplusnet” in the future……sorry vhen PA3GSY I also looked at u tube and GSY demonstrated SEM 35……hehe very good to se
called and i answered a fuse blow up in the dc cable…….hehe and could not find a new for fit´in the holder in a hurry but now OK……. u are good friends i understand
i hope u tell him what happend……..well we can do some more qso:s be up here in the summerhouse so maybe 29.200 we can have a round again think u had it on mondays………so tnx guys see u soon again on 29

73s from SM3ACS Hans

Thanks Hans for the nice mail. Hope to meet you again on the band.
Greetings Rene

2 thoughts on “SM 35 klaar voor de ronde op 29.200 FM

  1. Hi Hans,sorry for blow up the fuse,i understand that u will listing en trying to make a qso in the surplus fm group every monday at eight in the evening.Hope to meet you and also hope to meet Rene pd2rkg.thanks to post this i was surfing the internet and came out on this page.Rene and Hans thanks hear you 73’s Leendert pa3gsy

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