HF-band conditions (day/night)

HF-band conditions (day/night)

These are the values I calculated from the raw NOAA data. There isn’t any golden rule for calculation propagation conditions. I’ve put together an algorithm based on data from different sources. As a rule of thumb, values below 40 are considered poor, between 41 and 89 fair and above 89 good.
Paul Herrman (N0NBH) has a fantastic site if you’re into solar and weather data. I’ve used his info a lot.

Band Day Night
160m Good (393) Good (555)
80m Good (205) Good (273)
60m Good (142) Good (178)
40m Good (131) Good (162)
30m Good (94) Good (106)
20m Fair (61) Fair (59)
17m Fair (44) Poor (38)
15m Poor (40) Poor (33)
12m Poor (28) Poor (20)
10m Poor (24) Poor (14)

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